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Kamen Rider Double (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) (Kamen Raidā Daburu, Kamen Rider W, Masked Rider Double) is the eleventh series in the Heisei period run of the Kamen Rider Series and the twentieth Rider series overall. It premiered following the finale of Kamen Rider Decade on September 6, 2009, and airs alongside Samurai Sentai Shinkenger in TV Asahi's Super Hero Time programming block. It is described as the "Heisei Kamen Rider 10th Anniversary Project: Fall Campaign" (平成仮面ライダー10周年プロジェクト 秋の陣 Heisei Kamen Raidā Jusshūnen Purojekuto: Aki no Jin?). The catchphrase for the series is "This clinches it!" (これで決まりだ! Kore de kimari da!?).

Riders Edit

The protagonist(s) of the fictional series Kamen Rider Double. The Kamen Rider is the person who "morphs" into an often insect-themed form to battle the antagonists. Breaking tradition with previous Kamen Riders, the Kamen Riders of W use GaiaMemories (devices similar to USB flash-drives) to transform. The use of GaiaMemories and the belts used to initate the transformation are not unique, as every Dopant uses certain Memories to transform and wreck havoc.

Kamen Rider W Edit

Kamen Rider W (character)

Like many of its' predecessors, W has access to multiple transformations through the use of Flash drive catridges called Gaia Memories. Philip controls W's left Half (as the Forms are called) while Shoutarou controls W's right Half. Shoutarou's body is the primary vessel for the W transformation.

Philip's Memories are element-based (Heat, Luna, Cyclone). Shoutaru's Memories are more difficult to specify. The Metal Memory is a play of the Metal element in Chinese philosophy, but the Trigger Memory is tied to the gun specific to that form, while the Joker Memory has no background to weapon or element. This allows W nine different combinations just by swapping out the Gaia Memories.

Philip's Memories

Cyclone - W's Green Half and Philip's default Memory. In Cyclone form W gains a long scarf reminscient of previous Riders. As expected the Cyclone deals wind-based damages and sports a fighting style composed of kicks. First seen in episode 1 as CycloneJoker against the Magma Dopant.

Luna - W's Yellow Half. Represents the Moon and gives W the power of elasticity. He can extend the length of hand and foot by thought and provides some unique acrobatics. First used in episode 1 as LunaJoker against the Magma Dopant.

Heat - W's Red Half. Endowed with the ability of fire-augmented attacks. First used in episode 2 in battle against the T-Rex Dopant as HeatJoker.

Shaotaru's Memories

Joker - W's Black Half and Shotaru's default Memory. Does not possess any single advantage over any of the other Memories, but is is used in most Memory combinations. First seen in episode 1 as CycloneJoker against Magma Dopant.

Metal - W's Gray Half. W obtains increased defense and a bo staff in this mode. First used in episode 2 as HeatMetal against the T-Rex Dopant.

Trigger - W's Blue Half. W is armed with a gun. First used in episode 5 as CycloneTrigger against the Anomalocaris Memory.

Often Used Combinations

CycloneJoker - Default form of W.

HeatMetal - Allows the ends of Metal's bo staff to ignite.

LunaTrigger - Allows the Trigger's bullets to home in on enemies.

However, as revealed in episode 16 there exists a seventh Memory called Fang. It was designed specifically for Philip's use, and is formed using Philip's body as the vessel. While this was a twist on the established henshin formula, no other Philip-specific Memories have been revealed.

Fang has only been used in conjunction with Joker. As FangJoker, Philip has access to blade armorments. The Arm Fang is an elbow sword, and the Shoulder Fang is commonly used as a boomerang. and the Leg Blade is essential to Fang's Maximum Drive, the Fang Strider (a flying spinning kick).

Extreme Form Edit

In episode 32, Double undergoes a new transformation due to bonding with the Earth's energy and the bird-shaped Extreme Memory. The new form combines Shotarou and Phillip into one body and soul, doubling their power. The form is named CycloneJoker Extreme (fromhereon out shortened to Extreme) after Beast Dopant Maru's defeat.

Extreme comes with the Prism Bicker, which is a combination shield and sword much like the villain Wolzard in Super Sentai's Magiranger. The Shield acts as the sheath of the Sword and also carries four Gaia Memory slots. The Sword comes equipped with the Prism Memory. Prism functions as the Sword's power source, though its other abilities are unknown.

The Bicker has two Maximum Drives. The first Drive is executed when the Sword is sheathed in the Shield. Extreme used the Elemental Memories to create a torrent of energy that destroyed Bell (the Zone Dopant) in one strike. The second Maximum Drive also uses the Shield's four slots, only now the Memories imbue the Sword with Elemental power, allowing for an omni-elemental slash that decimated Maru (the Beast Dopant).

Maximum Drives Edit

W's final attacks are called Maximum Drives. The Joker's Drives are initated when the Joker Memory is taken out of the DoubleDriver and put in a hip holster, while the Metal and Trigger Drives are started by putting the aforementioned Memories into the weapons (staff and gun respectively) themselves. Fang's Drive is activated py tapping the Fang's head three times.

CycloneJoker Drive - Joker Extreme. W executes a Rider Kick that splits CycloneJoker in half, resulting in a double flying kick into the enemy.

FangJoker Drive - Fang Striker. Flying, spinning Rider Kick. An energy-constructed Fang's head "bites" the enemy upon contact.

HeatMetal Drive - Metal Branding. The ends of the Metal's staff ignite, allowing a devastating blow to the chest.

LunaTrigger Drive - Trigger Full Burst. A flurry of homing shots that combine upon the fatal blow.

HeatTrigger Drive - Trigger Explosion. A torrent of flame incinerates the enemy.

CycloneMetal Drive - Metal Twister. The bo staff summons a miniature tornado to attack the enemy.

LunaMetal Drive - Metal Illusion. Several discus-shaped projectiles are fired from Metal's staff. These projectiles strike the enemy once and then merge into one bigger discus that homes in on the enemy.

CycloneTrigger Drive - Unknown.

It should be noted that there are no Maximum Drives that result from the combination of any two Gaia Memories. The strain and the power would be too taxing on the host body. Shoutarou only used the HeatTrigger Twin Maximum because the Weather Dopant was about to kill fellow Rider Ryu and there was no other choice.

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